The Method Behind the Madness

Here it is… another blog in a sea of information.  This page will feature occasional insights and observations primarily dealing with my hobbies.   What this means is that 90% of what you’ll read will deal with sporting firearms, 5% will deal with photography and my quest for better images, 4% will deal with anything from fishing to paintball to golf, and 1% will leave you wondering.  I write not for political motivation or financial gain, but to assist others with my insights and to engage in the free exchange of ideas.  I claim neither novice or expert status in any of the topics I’ll write about.  Rather, I will post my opinions and thoughts and let the reader decide value and worth.

If you like what I write, comment and follow!  If you don’t, let’s not waste our time engaging in banter that clogs an already crowded internet.  Just leave quietly through the side door and go along your merry way.


About martowski

Garden-variety professional with one too many hobbies.
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