Ruger: Customer Service the Old Fashioned Way

I’ve had a Ruger 77/22 for around 25 years.  In fact, it was my first firearm.  My father purchased it for me when he felt I was “of age” to own my own rifle.  Growing up in a rural area, shooting was as much a part of growing up for me as anything else.  Throughout my formative years, the 77/22 took its fair share of squirrels and made more than a few vegetable cans fly with delight.  But, eventually, the poor Ruger began displaying a nasty habit of failing to eject spent casings.  While this didn’t occur with every shot, it happened at least once or twice in every 10-round magazine.  My shooting interests changed and the 77/22 took a back seat to other pursuits.

20 years after originally receiving the rifle, I took it out on a walk through the woods and was reminded of the issue that has relegated this rifle to non-shooter status.  Sadly, I took it home vowing to get it fixed “one of these days.”

Another five years later (yes, sad), I finally realized it was time to get this done.  So, I found an old box and soft gun case, packed the Ruger up, and paid the nice man at UPS $24 to ship my rifle back out east.  I didn’t hear anything for a couple weeks when suddenly a small box weighing about two pounds arrived at my door step.  Hmmm… unless they replaced my Ruger with some space-age polymer parts this isn’t my gun.  But, it was the ratty old soft case I used for padding when sending the 77/22 for repair along with a note that they unfortunately cannot store customer supplied cases at their facility.  Fair enough.

Two days later a nice long box arrived from Ruger without warning.  Inside was my 77/22 with an note that the case support and extractor had been replaced, and the ejector had been repaired.  In addition, the gun had been test fired and cleaned.  A new owner’s manual had also been included.  The cost to repair this 25 year old rifle?  Nothing, besides the UPS fee to get the gun to Ruger (that’s correct, they didn’t even charge me return shipping).

A trip to the range this past weekend validated that all is now well with the Ruger.  An issue I had ignored for years is now fixed, and at no charge.  No sales receipt was required, no special favors were asked.  Only a gun and a nice polite letter were sent.

While I don’t love every produce Sturm Ruger produces, I own a few of their firearms and appreciate the fact they are willing to provide such outstanding service.  They’re doing customer service the old fashioned way by simply standing behind what they produce.  I vote with my wallet, and Ruger will definitely be getting more votes from me in the future.


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2 Responses to Ruger: Customer Service the Old Fashioned Way

  1. GunRightsAttorneys says:

    That’s what I call customer service!

  2. martowski says:

    I’m very pleased, needless to say!

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