Walther PPQ: Fantastic Plastic

Okay, so it’s really polymer.  But regardless of material, this pistol is a winner.

I purchased the PPQ in December 2011.  I had read about it for a few months in online discussions, but hadn’t given it much more than a curious Google search or two.  Fast forward to December.  After a range session at my local shop, I was perusing the 9mm section and once again asked to see the HK P30.   I had first looked at the P30 earlier in the year and immediately fell in love with the grip… but not the price.  $900 is a lot for one blaster, but the grip was something like I had never felt before.  Granted, the trigger wasn’t the cleanest or most crisp I had ever seen, but the sculpted handle felt like nothing I had seen before.  So, on this crisp December day I once again wondered if it was worth the $900 I didn’t have and then spied the PPQ sitting on the counter rack.  I’ve held P99s before and they were “okay,” but the grip has always felt a little too flat and level on the sides for my taste.  The PPQ, however, was different.  Somewhere between the feel of a P99 and the P30, the PPQ felt great in the hand and the trigger was light and smooth with a crisp break (hmmm… that’s how I describe some of my favorite beers as well).  While the local shop was asking $630 for this weapon, a quick online search uncovered a price of $472 + $11 shipping at a large well-known retailer.  Add in $20 for my FFL to conduct and a transfer and the PPQ is in my hands for less under $500.

First range trip with the PPQ was “okay.”  But, I was felt rushed over the period of 30 minutes and was also getting used to the feel of the gun.  In addition, I was allowing the trigger to return to full forward position and squeezing the full length in one continuous motion each shot.  Results were mediocre.

Second range trip occurred this past Saturday.  The PPQ came along to this two hour session with a Kimber Classic Custom Target, Beretta 92fs, and Browning Buck Mark as its stablemates.  Long story short:  the PPQ was the star of the day.  I decided to stage the first portion of the trigger pull before the final squeeze and break.  What I felt was a short, almost creep free 4.25 lb trigger pull that broke as crisp as my Kimber.  What I saw on my targets were 5-shot 2″ groups at 10 yards with ease, and a “what the heck… why not” 25 yard group of 5 shots at 6″.  While that’s not award winning shooting, it’s plenty enough from an unsupported Weaver stance to make me happy.  In fact, I was shooting the PPQ as well as my Buck Mark which is saying a lot.  I ended up shooting the PPQ more than I had anticipated simply because it’s so darn fun putting little holes exactly where you think they should go and making the smallest groups at the firing line.

I’m happy with the PPQ and pleased that its 2nd range trip was so positive.  While it’s somewhat premature, I’m now wondering what my Sig SP2022 and Beretta PX4 9mms do for me that the Walther doesn’t.  Especially since they both have triggers that break at higher weights than the PPQ!

Here’s one of the 5-shot groups from 10 yards with PPQ on Saturday.  Shot unsupported with a two hand hold.  Each line is 1/2″; the total group measures just under 1″ center to center.  Many others resulted in something between 1″ – 2″.


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2 Responses to Walther PPQ: Fantastic Plastic

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks for the write-up. I’m gonna go lay some money down for one of these.

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