Sig P226: Love at 6th Sight

Last year I finally decided to purchase the iconic Sig P226.  After having read about this mythical handgun for years, I did my research and decided a used 1980’s West German pistol would be just the thing.  Gunbroker was my friend and I soon had a beautiful chrome P226 in my possession.  The slide wasn’t the tightest I’d ever seen on a handgun, but knowing this is common with Sigs and that, despite what many people think, the real accuracy of a handgun comes from the barrel to slide lock up, I knew I’d be okay.

My first trip to the range was disappointing.  I had been promised that the clouds would part and I’d shoot 100 shot 1/2″ groups at 50 yards with this gun.  I mean, it’s a Sig, right? Iconic to the core, German made… the benchmark of excellence in 9mm service handguns. Well, needless to say, I shot it just about the same as I shot my other handguns.  Go figure.

I’ve taken the Sig out more than a few times since then and, slowly but surely, it’s growing on me.  I considered selling it a few months ago but a couple great range trips since then have me thinking of this gun as a keeper.  The trigger breaks at a nice, crisp 3.75 lbs… awesome by service pistol standards.  Probably due to it being an older gun and having been “broken in.”  I had, and am still somewhat, considering adding the E2 grip, but actually the old style plastic checkered grips feel pretty good.

When comparing features of this P226 vs. other guns I own, it’s not impressive.  There’s no rail (which I never use anyway), it doesn’t have night sights (again, not a big issue… this isn’t a bedside gun for me), and it’s a DA/SA 9mm with a decocker.  All in all, pretty pedestrian these days.  But there is something about it.  It feels good in the hand, the controls are well located, the trigger feels nice.  Hmm…. maybe I’m discovering the P226 mojo after all.


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