My “Favorites”

Just for a “what the heck” post, I figured I’d go through my safe and make a “Top 3” list of handguns I currently own.  But, I then decided to just pick a few favorites.  Well, a few turned to what you see above, so why not?  These are not all my handguns, but are the ones that jumped out at my when I opened the door to the toy box.  Author’s note:  I will abstain from referring to any of these as “My Precious” to avoid the both disturbing and trite reference to “Lord of The Rings.”

So, here they are, from top to bottom, along with a very quick blurb as to why they’re in my favorites list:

  • Ruger 50th Anniversary Blackhawk (.357 Magnum):  possibly the most accurate handgun in my collection.
  • STI Spartan 1911 (9mm):  a classic enhanced 1911, and initially showing signs of being my most accurate 9mm… and a great “soft shooting” handgun as well.
  • Kimber Classic Custom Target (.45 ACP):  another classic enhanced 1911, and a true .45.  Accurate as heck.
  • Walther PPQ (9mm):  great ergonomics, great trigger, great accuracy, and quality German construction in a mid-size package.
  • Smith & Wesson 686 (.357 Magnum): in a tie with the Ruger Blackhawk as my most accurate handgun, and a rock-solid platform with an ultra smooth DA pull and an outstanding SA break that handles full-house magnum loads with ease.
  • Smith & Wesson 67 (.38 Special):  light, accurate, great trigger, and the same model my father once owned (but not the exact same gun).
  • Beretta 92fs (9mm):  pure quality in a full-size package that may not beat a couple of my other autos for accuracy, but will keep up with them all.
  • Browning Hi Power (9mm):  size efficient, excellent ergonomics, and classic SA trigger make this a great gun to have on my side walking through the woods.
  • Browning Buck Mark (.22lr):  an accurate plinker that feels great in hand and balances almost perfectly.
  • Springfield Armory XD-40 (.40 S&W):  a wonderfully smooth and light trigger pull in a pistol that shoots easy and always surprises me with its accuracy.

So, if I had to keep only one?  Well, sorry, but I couldn’t do that.  So let’s say I had to keep two.  Here they are:

Why these two?  The Beretta is a classic auto, all metal, and just oozes quality.  Rack the slide and move it forward, and it feels like it’s on ball bearings.  The click-clack of the action just feels like it has the precision of a timepiece.  And while the trigger isn’t the best of the bunch, it’s no slouch with a smooth DA pull and a nice, crisp SA break.  The grip is full size, no doubt, but is rounded and curved in such a manner that makes it feel like it belongs in my hand.  The S&W 67 is one heck of an accurate revolver, and has a great SA trigger pull as well.  The Hogue grips feel wonderful in the hand, almost like they were individually molded for me like Play Dough squeezed in my grip.  This Smith is nice and light as well, so it can hold its own on the range yet feel good on long hikes.

This post should be over now, but I have to mention one more pistol that I am becoming enamored with and might possibly choose as “the one” to keep (if I could only have one):

It’s premature, but the Walther PPQ is quickly moving up my list.  Its trigger pull is outstanding, even better in a striker fired form than some of my DA/SA pistols are in SA mode.  The grip is great, feeling like it’s sculpted just right.  And the pistol shoots accurately.  Plus, I like the trigger mounted mag release; I find it very intuitive to drop the magazine with my middle right hand finger.

So there it is.  A post dedicated to discussing the merits of some of the tools in my humble collection.


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