Goodbye Sig, Hello Glock!

Idiocy.  Stupidity.  Temporary insanity.  Shameful behavior.  And, of course, atrocity.  Some may accuse me of such, but I just traded off my mismarked “Lysons Corner” hard chrome West German Sig P226 9mm for a Glock 22.  And, like the Cubs fan who has yelled, “Wait till next year!” ever since 1908, I’m not ashamed.

I finished a nice shooting session today (described in the post directly preceding this) and decided to head to a couple local shops for some mandatory window shopping.  I went in fully intending on making of purchase… of 1 lb. of powder and a box of 12 gauge shells.   I had intended on skipping one shop entirely but figured since they were just down the road of my destination and they are one of the largest shops in this part of the state, why not drop in and fog the display case glass for 10 minutes or so.  That’s when I saw it.  A Glock 22.  It’s not even “new,” but is a “like new” used pistol that likely spent it’s life up to this point in storage.

Glock 22s, for those of you not “in the know,” are not .22s at all.  “22” is the model designation Glock assigned to its full size .40 S&W handgun.  The Glock 22 is likely the most common pistol on the holster of US law enforcement officers.  It’s, well, a Glock.  Nothing special in its basic form.  The one I saw was a Gen 3, which is not the most recent iteration but, in my humble opinion, gives up nothing to the Gen 4.  What caught my eye was the engraving.

This is not the actual pistol I purchased, but a similar one I found an image of online.

A year or two ago, this same shop had these pistols in their display case.  I found the engraving to be unique and interesting, but didn’t commit to a purchase.  Went back awhile later and they were gone.  Well, today they were back… three of them in the case.  Besides the engraving, they come with factory night sights and two standard capacity magazines.  So why do I care about this gun so much?  I find it interesting and feel something of an odd connection with it because it is engraved with the El Paso Sheriff’s Office name and logo.  I’m not in law enforcement, but several years ago my wife and I moved to El Paso, TX, in a career related relocation and spent a couple years there experiencing a culture and part of the country we’d never seen before.  We met a lot of wonderful people in El Paso and made some life-long friends.  My mother even met her 2nd husband there, a fine man who helped fill the void left after my father’s untimely passing.  I learned a lot of things in El Paso about myself, other people, and a new geography.  We have since moved back to our original home in the Midwest, but we’ll always have fond memories of El Paso and look back on it as a life-shaping event in our lives.

Once I saw the Glock, I went to the car and picked up my still warm Sig, marched inside, and asked, “What can we do?”  It ended up as an even up trade, one for one, with no cash passing hands.  I purchased the Sig for $509 originally, and the tag on the Glock was $499. Plus, I only had one mag for the Sig and it had standard sights.  The Glock, as previously mentioned, carries night sights, two factory mags, and a hard case.  Of course, the law says I still have to wait 72 hours before taking possession of the Glock even though I traded in a perfectly functioning pistol, but I’ll have it on Tuesday or anytime after.

Here’s the Sig that I traded today.

So, I’m out a Sig.  But I have another (my SP2022 is still in my collection, so don’t feel too sorry for me).  And I have a bunch of other 9mms that will shoot just as well if not better than the Sig did in my hands.  In return, I have one of the most durable, dependable, and proven combat pistols on the market… sporting a little reminder of a key point in my family’s life every time I take it out of the safe.


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2 Responses to Goodbye Sig, Hello Glock!

  1. I love my Glock 27. Really don’t shoot much 9 after getting it. Bummer about the 72 hours. Enjoy.

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