It’s Trap Season Again!

It’s trap season again!  I shoot in a very informal league of just a few people, but we have a good time.  Today was the first day of our 2nd season, and just a practice day at that.  I shot, well, not great.  I’m not a good trap shooter but am enjoying getting into this aspect of the shooting sports.  We shoot every other Sunday afternoon from about March – October.

The shotgun I use is a 12 gauge Charles Daly Diamond III NRA commemorative edition, made by Marocchi (an Italian shotgun company).  It’s the same gun as the former Winchester 1001 from the 90’s.  In fact, the same receivers and all.  I believe after Winchester discontinued this shotgun Marocchi likely had receivers left over that Charles Daly used in this shotgun (note:  the Win 1001 was discontinued due to the fact that heavy loads could cause barrel problems, but the CD uses different barrels than then Win 1001).  My actual gun is the one pictured above at the top (the lower gun is an SKB 500 that I no longer own).  I have since added extended Carlson Full and Mod choke tubes to the CD (it uses Remchoke pattern, which is nice for availability), had a Limbsaver recoil pad professional installed, and replaced the stock brass bead with a white bead from Connecticut Shotgun.

Trap is a lot of fun, and my shoulder is sore this evening.  But it’s a good sore, as it means I’ve been outside busting clays and enjoying gun games and good fellowship.


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