Skateboarding’s Contribution

I’ve been on a skateboard for around 10 minutes of my life, and that was probably 25 years ago.  Lets just say it wasn’t my thing growing up.  Regardless, skateboarding has given us shooters one thing:  an easily found, inexpensive, and reliable gripping material!

Google “skateboard tape handgun” and you’ll be bombarded with all manner of images.  Glocks, HKs, 1911s, M&Ps, XDs, Hi Powers, and even revolvers wear this in some form or another.  Yes, people do put $.25 worth of skateboard tape on their $800 handguns.  Simply put, it works.  It sticks easily, can be cut to shape, and provides a gripping surface like no other.  True, it may wear down after some time (could be years), so you may eventually have to spend another 5 minutes cutting out new tape.

I just bought a 9″ x 33″ sheet of skateboard tape for $4.99 off Ebay, shipping included.  Some of it now adorns my STI Spartan V 9mm as shown below.  I may put some on my Kimber as well… we’ll see.  This one sheet will likely last me the rest of my life, and will probably be in the “why did dad have this?” bin that my sons will have to clean out after my demise (hmm… that’s a humbling thought).

Anyway, if you are looking to increase the grip adhesion on your pistol, head to Ebay or your local skate shop, plunk down the $5 it takes to get a lifetime supply, and give it a try.  And don’t forget to thank Tony Hawk while you’re at it!


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