New Glock

So, here is the Glock that replaces the P226 in my line up.  It’s a G22 w/ night sights that came with two 15-round magazines, factory hard case, and all factory paperwork in a sealed envelope.  The factory test case is included in an envelope dated 11/24/2008.

I posted details of this trade on an online forum I frequent, and have received quite a few responses… most basically indicating that I got hosed on the deal and could have gotten more for the Sig.  Some folks have indicated they would have gladly traded me two of their Glocks for my Sig.  While that’s true, here’s some of the facts around this trade:

  • I purchased the Sig in 2011 for $509 + $18 shipping + $20 FFL transfer fee on my end, making a grand total investment of $547.
  • The Glock had a price of $499.  If I had purchased it outright, it would have come out to $540.92 including sales tax and background check fee.
  • If I had chosen to sell the Sig outright to then go back and buy the Glock, I would have had to get a total of around $590 to cover the purchase price of the Glock and fees (shipping and Gunbroker fees) for selling the Sig.
  • I didn’t want any Glock 22.  While others may have given me theirs, in all sincerity I didn’t want a standard G22; I wanted this one for the reasons mentioned in my previous post.

Seeing as how I bought the Sig just a year ago for $509 on GB, I thought I might have a chance to get more but wasn’t 100% sure if I could get enough to cover the Glock’s price.  And, the Glock could have been gone by the time I spent the few weeks it would take to list the Sig, find a buyer, get payment via cashier’s check (electronic payment would have cost me in fees), etc.   So, I traded the Sig for the Glock in a 1 for 1 deal with no cash changing hands.  

Here’s more pics of the Glock (as always, click on pics to view larger).  It looks new.  If it’s been fired, it’s been very little.  My guess is it saw very limited use and/or sat in storage for most of its life.  I was informed by the dealer that he had an opportunity to grab a quantity of these and that the EPSO had changed to Gen 4 Glocks and released these back out.  My guess is there’s probably some deal where Glock swaps out the old guns for new for a greatly reduced price and then releases surplus pistols to distributors or large dealers.

Am I happy with the deal?  Absolutely!  I traded a 9mm that wasn’t anything spectacular in my hands (and was really redundant to all my other 9mms) for an NRA Perfect condition G22 with the exact markings I wanted.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and while many consider Glocks to be “ugly” guns, the functional simple elegance of this pistol is very pleasing to me.  Can’t wait to get it out to the range!


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One Response to New Glock

  1. Congrats. I have a G17 police trade in and have been very happy with it.

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