Nothing Says Happy Easter Like a Glock 22

Okay, so the title is a little odd but seems fitting as this is Easter weekend and the first time I had an opportunity to take my new Glock 22 (hereafter referred to as G22) to the range.

Anyone following my blog knows of my recent trade of a Sig P226 for the G22 and my motivation in making this switch, so I won’t go into the details as they are outlined in past posts.  The down and dirty is that I spent only 30 minutes and 50 rounds yesterday at the range with the G22.  I’m happy with what it is and will be leaving it bone stock for its intended purpose (at least that’s the intention right now).  As this will be a home protection firearm, I will not be modifying the trigger or any part of the mechanism.

Here’s the sheets of paper that felt the wrath of 165 gr. fmj flat points:

From 10 yards (each group is 5 shots).  Click on the image to view larger:

10 shots from 10 yards (I failed to note, but all groups are shot free standing, two hand grip):

A couple 5 shots groups from 50 ft:

Now, for some more thoughts.  The G22’s grip angle is a little different than what I am used to.  Glocks in general have a grip angle that is a higher degree of measure from the barrel axis vs. many other pistols.  It’s not uncomfortable, but just different.   The grip isn’t the most ergonomic in the world, and I prefer the grips of my PPQ or my XD-40.  The trigger on the Glock is a little stiffer than on either of the previously mentioned striker-fired pistols as well.  And, while the Glock is plenty accurate for its intended purpose, at least at first blush it’s not the most accurate pistol in my hands (but remember, this was only a very short first session; things can easily change).  All that said, I like the Glock.  It’s a solid pistol that shoots well enough.  The trigger is predictable, the pistol is likely very reliable, and it ejected spent brass very consistently and with force.  I did not purchase this to be a target shooter, so I don’t need this to be the pinnacle of precision and am not planning on installing any lighter disconnector bars or devices to lighten the trigger.  I am 100% positive my results will improve as I become more familiar with this platform as well, and even see a Lone Wolf 9mm barrel for range use only in my future.

Nice pistol, nice shooter.  If, for pure ergonomics and shootability, I had to choose this or the XD-40, I’d take the XD.  But that’s just initial personal preference, subject to change.  I’m glad I have the Glock in my stable.

Additional Note:  after my range session with the Glock, I was chatting with one of the guys behind the counter.  He asked if I owned any Sigs and I mentioned my SP2022 and the fact that I just got rid of a chrome P226.  He asked if it had kind of a loose slide, and I indicated yes.  He informed me that a “kid” had come in there to the range with that same gun that he purchased a couple weeks ago from the shop I traded the gun at.  He said the kid was excited to have it.  Funny how things come around!


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2 Responses to Nothing Says Happy Easter Like a Glock 22

  1. DCM says:

    I spent Easter at the range shooting 9mm reloads, lol. Looks like your reloads shot great.
    My Glock 19 shoots well but I still like my full-sized 1911.

  2. martowski says:

    My two favorite pistols to shoot are currently the Beretta 92fs and the Walther PPQ. But my hope is to get my STI Spartan 9mm tuned a little further to float to the top of that list as well, as it’s a great basic 1911 that shows a lot of potential for accuracy.

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