PPQ: Color Me a Fanboy

I’m a fanboy and I’m not afraid to admit it.

If you’ve followed my other posts, you know I have an affinity for the Walther PPQ. I’ve had it since early January and it frequently accompanies me to the range.   Today was no exception.

I had an hour today with both my STI Spartan 9mm and the PPQ.  I brought the Beretta 92fs along but it unfortunately didn’t see light of day.  Most of my shooting was at 10 yards, but I did manage to do some limited 25 yard shooting as well.   The STI shot well, but I really need to swap out the trigger and get the pull lightened to maximize its capabilities in my hands.  The PPQ needs no such changes; it’s perfect as is.

Bold statement, yes, but I can find nothing I’d change about the PPQ.  Ergonomically, it’s tops on my list.  And yes, I’ve held the HK P30 which is also a fabulous feeling pistol, but the two are very comparable.  The PPQ is a great size; not too large, not too small.  I really, really like the mag release on this pistol.  And as far as trigger pull, it’s outstanding.  I find no issues with muzzle rise and actually found today that I can shoot the PPQ much more accurately in rapid fire than my 1911 9mm.  Yes, the STI is all steel and it does absorb more of the recoil, but the PPQ seems to roll in my hands a certain way that it’s quick to bring back on target.  Here’s a little of the results from today.  As always, all groups were shot from a standing unsupported two-hand grip.

Some 10 yard targets, with close ups of at least a couple groups:

Here’s a group at 25 yards.  The flyer to the left is, of course, my fault.  But the pistol performs admirably:

Here’s what I was most pleased with.  I don’t normally shoot rapid fire, as I typically view it as a waste of ammo by making loud noises in short succession.  I’m also not typically very accurate in rapid fire, so I spend more time focusing on technique as hitting the target is #1 priority.  But, here are seven shots fired in approximately seven seconds from 10 yards (I chose seven because that’s the same number I was firing from my STI and wanted to do a fair comparison).  I was pleased with this:

Yes, there are much better shots out there than I, and I do not pretend to have great skills.  But I can hold my own at the range.  If you want to hear from someone who is much better than I, view the video below.  I thoroughly enjoy this gentleman’s videos and his down to earth, “lack of tactical stuff hanging from every rail” approach.  A couple of his quotes from his PPQ range session:

“I’m not sure I can miss with it. I might have to work at missing.”
“There’s just nothing really to not like that I can see…”


By the way, a friend of mine shot 10 shots out of my PPQ today and tore up the center of the target.  “How much do you want for this?” was his reaction.

Before you buy another 9mm auto, if you get a chance, look at the PPQ.  While it may not be perfect for everyone and there are many pistols that will perform specific functions better, the PPQ is in my mind a perfect blend of size, weight, ergonomics, accuracy, and capacity.


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