Gimmie Two Forties!

At another point in my life, this would have meant something entirely different.  Let’s just say that college students will drink just about anything as long as it’s cheap and, well, cheap.  However, these days I’m talking about my XD-40 and my G22.  This is not a range report, but I will spend some trigger time with both soon.  This is a Sunday “feel like making a post” evening, so figured I’d do a little write-up of these two pistols.

First, the XD-40.  I’ve had this for around five years and it’s an outstanding pistol.  At the time, I wanted a polymer .40 as an all-around defensive weapon.  I looked at the Glock 22, the XD-40, the Beretta PX4 Storm, and the FN FNP.  The XD, at least the particular specimen I saw, had an incredibly smooth pull with 100% even pressure throughout, leading to a crisp break after 4.25 lbs. of pressure. Of course, that’s the one you see in the image above.  Surprisingly, this pistol has been one of the most consistently accurate handguns I own.  I attribute that to the smooth trigger that gives me no clue as to when it’s about to break.  It has a great ergonomics and is a joy to shoot as well.

The Glock 22 is a pistol that followers of my blog know I picked up around a month ago.  It’s a Glock, which means that it has a little more aggressive of a grip angle and the ergonomics are, in my hands, a little blocker than the XD.  Trigger isn’t bad, but the pull becomes a little stiffer before it breaks after around 5.5 lbs. of pressure.  I’ve only had it out once to the range, and it was a fun pistol to shoot.  However, I’ll be interested to see how it does against the XD.  My guess is it won’t be quite as accurate, but will hold its own.

The XD has been my “nightstand” gun for quite awhile.  However, the G22 is going to make its rotation for a bit.  The G22 has night sights whereas my XD does not.  And, the G22’s stiffer trigger isn’t a bad thing in my mind for a defensive weapon.

Stay tuned for a range report where both go head to head.  Not sure what I’ll title that… maybe “Tupperware Showdown?”


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