New Trap Gun: Smoke ‘Em if You Got ‘Em

It’s trap season again.  I enjoy the informal league I’m in; we have a lot of fun, none of us are that great, but we do get a little competitive once in awhile.  I’ve been shooting trap with my 28″ Charles Daly (by Marocchi) Diamond III.  While it’s a great gun, I’ve been wanting something with a longer barrel in more of a trap configuration.

Initially, I thought I wanted a single shot trap gun.  But, those are expensive.  And, if I show up with some fancy single shot people will expect great results…. which I am not prepared to deliver.  However, I did get to shoot a round last year with a friend’s 30″ 870 Wingmaster and seemed to do fairly well.  While most trap enthusiasts gravitate toward other action styles, a good pump gun with the proper configuration will shoot just as well as any other gun in the right hands.  Well, the past week or so I’ve been thinking of picking one up so I’ve researched different models, prices, etc., and found that the 12 gauge Remington 870 TC Trap from the late 80’s/early 90’s seemed to be what I was looking for.  It has some unique features:  “C” grade fancy wood, a straight comb buttstock, raised rib, extended long forearm, and overbored target barrel.  Plus, I’ve heard the triggers on these guns received special attention from the Remington factory 20 years ago.

I found one of these guns for auction and, for a very, very reasonable price, picked one up as the auction winner only minutes ago.  The gun has all the features noted above, and comes with the original factory Remchoke tubes that were designed specifically with this gun’s overbore and tapered constriction in mind.  Plus, this gun already has the white front bead that I prefer on shotguns.  Pics of the actual gun are shown above.

I don’t have the gun yet.  In fact, I just won the auction a few minutes ago.  It won’t even be here in time for my trap shoot this weekend.  However, I’m pretty excited about having a “new to me” dedicated trap gun that will show everyone else that when I miss my clays,  I miss them in style!


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