Every Game Not a Win

Went to the range to do some pistol shooting on Friday after what felt like an eternity.  In actuality, it had only been around three weeks, but as I’ve been shooting more this year three weeks seems like a long time.

For this trip, I decided to make good on my idea of getting some more time behind the XD-40.  I had recently spent some trigger time behind the Glock 22, my other .40, and wanted to refresh my memory on the XD.  Also, as “control” guns, I brought along the Beretta 92fs and the Walther PPQ.  These pistols have both received a fair amount of trigger time this year, so I can tell what kind of a day I’m having by how I shoot these two.

In short, Friday wasn’t a raving success.  It started off “okay,” with some groups at 10 yards a little wider than I would have expected.  Moving to 50 ft, groups were off.  I shot low with both the Beretta and PPQ, a sign that I’m anticipating the trigger release.  And, while the XD-40 felt good, I know I pulled a couple shots.

My issues on Friday weren’t related to guns, ammo, or environment; they were all “me.”  I felt rushed, scurrying around to find my brass as quickly as possible, reload mags, and shoot. I only had 30 minutes which thew me off.  I also didn’t feel comfortable.  Looking back, I’m wasn’t focused enough on trigger mechanics and comfortable shooting technique; I was focused on getting in and out in 1/2 hour.

So, no real conclusive insights from my time with the XD besides the fact that I was rusty and rushed.  I did manage to squeak out a decent 10 yard group with the XD as shown below.  It’s not conclusive evidence of this pistol’s performance vs the others, but I did shoot better with the XD than the other pistols.  But, again, not indicative of anything really.  More to come when I have at least 31 minutes at the range.

XD-40, 5 shots, 10 yards.  Unsupported Weaver stance.  .75″ group.  I’m confident I’ll turn in a .30″ group from this pistol soon.


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