Glocks: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em

Glocks seem to be some of the most polarizing firearms in today’s world.  When they first hit the market in the mid 80’s, they caused a panic due to their polymer construction.  The movie “Die Hard 2” didn’t help, referencing the “Glock 7” which was supposedly made of porcelain and could escape metal detection at airports.  For the record, the “Glock 7” doesn’t, and never did, exist.  But people believed it because isn’t Hollywood always right?  I mean, they wouldn’t talk about it in a movie if it wasn’t true!

Anyway, fast forward to 2012.  Glocks are some of the most prolific firearms on the planet. Since their initial introduction, other designs have come along that are likely just as capable and, some would argue, superior in design and function (and, many excellent designs pre-date the Glock that some feel are superior as well).  However, the Glock still maintains a large following and base of users for many reasons.  Some of these include the Glock’s inherent dependability and simple manual of arms.  Some are due to Glock’s marketing and distribution channels.  Others are due to the Glock mystique.  And, of course, many people just like them more than other handguns.

My personal opinion is this:  Glocks are great pistols that admirably perform the function for which they were designed.  They are durable, reliable, easy to operate, and reasonably accurate in relation to other modern handgun designs.  However, they are not the only pistols that will work for the individual user looking for a polymer framed, striker fired pistol.  Other just as capable, if not possibly superior, designs exist.  Some of these include the Walther PPQ, Smith & Wesson M&P, Springfield Armory XD, Ruger SR series, etc.  Open it up to include DA/SA pistols, and suddenly you’re also talking about the Beretta 92fs, Sig P226, FN FNX, CZ-75, etc.  And what about the 1911, a SA design that dates back to over 100 years ago?  Many feel it is still a superior combat arm that takes a back seat to no one.

Realize that I am NOT saying one is “better” than the other.  But what I am saying is that an individual Glock is not necessarily superior to an individual sample of another pistol.  However, many people get caught up in “Glock Perfection,” the company’s tagline that has taken hold with fans of Glock pistols.  And, due to the Glock’s iconic history, many people new to shooting flock to the Glock simply because of the brand name.  The fact that so many law enforcement agencies use Glock is a testament to their reliability and outstanding reputation.  But, understand that while it demonstrates that Glocks are great weapons chosen by many who rely on them for their lives, they may not necessarily be superior weapons to designs not as prolific.  An agency’s adoption of a sidearm involves more than just “this gun is better than that gun.”  Factors such as budget, distribution channels, parts  support, trade in/upgrade  programs, ease of training, sales relationships, etc. all come into play as well.

I own a Glock and enjoy shooting it.  I do not enjoy it as much as some other pistols I own, and it is not my favorite by any stretch of the imagination.  It is a capable handgun that admirably performs the function for which it was designed, and for that reason I appreciate  having it as part of my collection.

If you’re willing to enjoy some offbeat humor at the expense of Glock, check out the link below:


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