Favorite Pistol Brand

Cruise the internet boards and you’ll find rabid supporters of just about every brand of handgun available. While every make (and model) has its fans, the highest levels of support I observe by brand are Glock, Sig, H&K, and CZ (in no particular order).  Of note is that while CZ is very popular online in forums, I don’t observe nearly as many in my local shops or at the range.  They appear to enjoy more of an “enthusiast’s” following vs. the mass market following of other brands such as Glock.

Someone asked me awhile back if I have a favorite brand.  Well, my answer is not necessarily.  I have favorite models that span many brands, but I’m not necessarily “loyal” to any one brand for my semi-autos.  I currently own Beretta, Glock, Walther, CZ, Sig, Browning/FN, Springfield Armory, Kimber, and STI.  I have owned EAA, Taurus, Llama, and some others.  Now, if you’re talking revolvers, I am pretty much a S&W guy (but note that I prefer 70’s and early 80’s manufactured Smiths and refuse to buy one with the safety hole).

If I had to pick a favorite semi-auto brand overall, I believe it would be Beretta.  While the Beretta 92 enjoys a large following, I find that Beretta itself isn’t quite as large of a following online as some other brands.  I believe this is because Beretta doesn’t offer the sheer volume of different models as some other manufacturers.  When you get down to it, Beretta mainly pushes the 92fs and PX4 models as their two primary offerings.  Both are fine pistols, and I own both.

I enjoy Beretta because their pistols just feel smooth to me, like very well engineered machines with components and slide and click into place like they should.  It’s hard to describe, but next time you’re in a shop work the slide on a 92fs and you might see what I mean.


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