Sig Nitron Rail 1911: Ready for Prime Time

One of the best traits the 1911 platform has is versatility.  With some careful studying and work, a fairly competent pistol owner can make several modifications to their weapon without many specialized tools or knowledge.

This is my Sig Nitron Rail 1911.  As some of you know, I prefer short triggers on the 1911 platform along with a 3.25 – 3.5 lb pull weight.  Unfortunately, this pistol came stock with a long trigger and a 6.25 lb. pull weight… not conducive to my best work at the range. So, with some careful work I fit a Greider short solid trigger to this pistol and purchased some extra Colt brand 1911 sear springs to bend for a lighter pull.  On the 1911, you bend the left leg of the spring to reduce tension on the sear and the middle leg to reduce tension on the disconnector (both which impact pull weight).  A user must be careful in this step to ensure they don’t induce hammer follow or fail to keep enough pressure on the sear and disconnector to engage, otherwise a 1911 can go into “full auto.”  Also, when first taking a modified 1911 to the range, it is best to shoot a few mags with only two round loaded to ensure proper operation.

My initial tests indicate the disconnector and sear still have enough spring tension to work correctly, and the finished product resulted in the pull weight below:

Yes, it went from 6.25 to 3.5 lbs and now feels wonderful!  I also did lightly stone the Series 2 firing pin safety parts in the frame as well to create smoother operation.

I’ll be taking this pistol on my next range trip to shoot side by side with my S&W Performance Center 1911… we’ll see what she can do!


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