Range Report: Sig P226 (plus Browning Hi Power)

If you read my last post, you are aware that I am once again the owner of a Sig P226.  I won’t go into detail on this particular pistol as my “Sig P226 Reboot” entry did just that.  However, I did take the Sig to the range last week for its first workout… and its friend the Hi Power came along for the trip!

Anyone familiar with the P226 knows of its legendary pedigree.  I am no stranger to the Sig, this being my 2nd attempt at finding P226 nirvana (and no, it doesn’t Smell Like Teen Spirit).  As I like bringing more than one toy to the range, I picked the Hi Power Practical to accompany the Sig since it’s been awhile (like, a couple years) since that particular “9” got any trigger time.

All in all, I ran about 50 round through each pistol.  Not a comprehensive test by any means, but at least enough to punch a few holes in the paper.  In summary, the Hi Power fed pretty much everything like a champ; the Sig choked about six times in feeding.  I suspect it may be a magazine issue, so I will eventually pick up a Meg Gar mag as I consistently have good experience with those.  The mag I was using was factory Sig, but the spring seemed pretty weak.  Might pick up a new spring for that as well.

In terms of accuracy, I never seem to shoot the Hi Power well.  Meaning, I keep everything on the paper and I don’t have to hang my head in shame, but it doesn’t ever shoot as well as many of my other toys.  This trip was no exception.  Below is a target shot at 10 yards.  The top and bottom left targets were from the Sig; the top and bottom right targets from the Browning.  Each target represents a total of five shots.

Here’s 10 shots at 50 feet from the Sig:

Again, nothing to be ashamed of but not stunning either.  However, for my first trip out with the Sig I’ll take this.  I think I’ll become better with this pistol as I spend more time with it on the range, but I will say that my recent obsession with 1911s is starting to spoil me to anything else.  Noting that… I have another 1911 on the way.  I won’t say what it is now, but a hint is that it’s not a .45!


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5 Responses to Range Report: Sig P226 (plus Browning Hi Power)

  1. Richard M Nixon (Deceased) says:

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  2. Plamya says:

    It’s interesting to hear about the feeding issues on the P226. Sig Sauer used to garner legendary status in reliability, but lately it seems like there’s been a lot more stories of failure. Either way I still swear by them, especially the older models.
    I’m interested to see which non-.45 1911 you mentioned in the end.

    • martowski says:

      My guess is the feeding issues are due to a magazine issue. The spring seems pretty weak, and I’m going to bet that once I pick up a new mag I’ll see this problem evaporate. Oh, and I just posted info regarding my new “non-.45” 1911!

  3. Rev Rebel says:

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