Springfield XD-40… With Upgrades!

Those of you who follow my blog know that I am a big fan of my Springfield XD-40.  While there is no one unique feature of this pistol that stands out among the overcrowded market of polymer striker-fired handguns, the combination of a “just right” grip and a trigger that has a constant pull from initial pressure to break works very well for me.  Truth be told, this is one of my most accurate handguns.  When I need to shoot well, this one makes my short list.  However, from the factory it did not come with night sights so it hasn’t occupied space in my bedroom safe for quite some time.  That has changed.

I looked at a number of various night sight units on the market and finally purchased a set of Truglo Brite-Site TFOs for my XD.  These are unique as they combine fiber optic rods in both the front and rear units with tritium dots in both as well.  In daylight, the three dots glow like any fiber optic sight… which is very brightly.  In pure darkness, they glow like any tritium night sight.  While the instructions said to only install these with a sight pusher (and with the aid of a professional ‘smith), I used a hammer, bench vise, brass punch, 2×4 scrap, and old t-shirt to put these on myself.  While it took about 15 minutes, I got the job done and no damage came to the pistol or sights.  And, my blue pen cleared up any brass marks on the sight (a trick I learned by watching a Dawson Precision video online… they use the blue pen when installing sights on 1911s).  Anyway, I was able to take this to the “range” (i.e. my farm) a few weeks ago and the sights were dead-on.  Needless to say, I was very pleased and, after getting this home, took the Streamlight TLR-3 off my Glock 22, loaded up a magazine of Winchester Ranger LE rounds, and put the XD in my bedroom safe.  Sorry Glock 22, but you’re relegated to “main safe” storage now.

I’ve posted some pics below of the XD-40 with the new sights, along with the TLR-3 light.  The TLR-3 is extremely bright, easy to use, and seems very durable.  Plus, it comes with a lifetime warranty.  The pic below that shows the light on is taken in a dark hallway, pointing to a wall 25 feet away.  This light is bright… very bright.

So, my XD-40 is now what I would consider completely outfitted. While I don’t get into naming my guns, I can’t help but a parallel between this gun and a hammer, as they both do the same thing:  hit exactly what they are aimed at, hit it hard, and hit it consistently every time.





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