Dan Wesson Specialist vs. S&W PC 1911


Today was a beautiful day in the greater Dallas area. Temps are coming down to the 70’s, and my oldest son and I decided to hit the local range.  He took his Savage Rascal .22, which by the way is a great first rifle (I’ll write a review on it later).  I decided to let the new kid to my collection, the Dan Wesson Specialist, stretch it’s legs against the current heavyweight champion of my stable:  the S&W PC1911.

I won’t go through the details of each pistol, as I have already discussed both in previous posts. However, I will provide a summary: the S&W won the day. But, keep in mind the Dan Wesson is new to me and I’m still getting used to its feel. Also, the DW’S trigger breaks around 4.25 lbs whereas the S&W came with a factory break that has lightened up to 2.5 lbs. That doesn’t sound like much difference, but when punching paper it’s kind of a big deal. See the targets below; I shot one group with my own SWC hand loads through each pistol, went through one group’s worth of some inexpensive stuff I found at Wal-Mart, and then hit the handloads again. Finally, just to see what would happen, I ran eight through the Specialist off the bench.

Bottom line, the Specialist shows potential but I intend to lighten the pull weight slightly and see what happens. The same change in my old Sig 1911 (that I have since sold) made it come alive and run with my S&W.  

In other news, the DW only failed to feed on the 2nd shot; every other round chambered, fired, and ejected as it should.  This includes both factory ball ammo and my SWC “light” handloads.  

Here’s the targets, side by side.  S&W PC1911 is on the left, DW Specialist is on the right:


Note: I have no idea what happened to me on this group with the DW.  I just fell apart for some reason, as even cheap “Perfecta” brand ammo shouldn’t shoot this poorly.

Here’s eight rounds off the bench at 50 ft.  While the entire gruop isn’t impressive in total size, seven of the shots were in a 1.25″ space.  That shows me the gun can run, I just need to get comfortable with it.

The range was having a competition to coincide with the timing of the Texas State Fair.  For $5, you could purchase a target and fire 10 shots from 7 yards.  If all shots were in the X ring, you got one box of ammo half off.  If you got them all in the 9 and 10 ring, you got a free range pass.  Needless to say, the PC1911 and I got a box of ammo at half off. 

I decided to take my Glock 22 along as well and just put 10 shots downrage from 50 ft, just for the heck of it.  Of course, the Glock isn’t a target gun and isn’t even one of my favorites.  But, it never gets any love so I figured I’d take it out today.


Here’s a pic of my big guy shooting his Rascal at the range today. All in all, a great outing!



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