SP2022 and FNP-9 Range Day



The weather last weekend in Texas was great, and it provided the perfect opportunity to get a couple new toys out to the range.  “New” is a subjective term, as although the Sig SP2022 is in new condition the FNP-9 was purchased used (but in excellent condition).

Anyway, to get right to the chase, both firearms functioned perfectly as expected with a quality service grade pistol.  In terms of characteristics, though, I was surprised at the difference between the two.  The FNP felt somewhat snappy in my hand.  Not in an unexpected manner, but what you would expect from a 4″ polymer framed 9mm.  I enjoyed shooting it a lot.  The Sig, however, had noticeably less felt recoil and the action even felt like it was moving slower than on the FNP.  Hard to describe, but there was a noticeable difference to the point where I didn’t think the Sig had fully cycled a few times and had to check to ensure it had ejected the old case and loaded a new cartridge (which it had).  I’ll say this, though… one thing that may have a big impact on this is the fact that I was not shooting the standard 4″ barrel that came with the pistol.  CDNN had a really great sale on factory SP2022 9mm threaded barrels ($89 each), so before even taking this to the range for the first time I had swapped out the barrels to configure the pistol as shown below.


The extra weight and length of the threaded barrel may have contributed to different sensation of firing the SP2022, although I didn’t expect that going into the day.

In terms of down range performance, I haven’t shot either pistol much so we’ll see how each continues to deliver.  Results were fairly similar for both, and both the FN and the Sig deliver pretty standard accuracy for a service pistol.  See below for two groups of targets (FNP was used for the two targets on the right hand side of each sheet, Sig for the left targets).


Again, pretty standard results from a service pistol and perfectly acceptable.  Either would make a fine multi-purpose handgun, although I will say the FNP feels a little more compact and I would probably choose that pistol over the Sig if I wanted to carry something that had a little more capacity over my Beretta Nano.

There you have it.  Two pistols of similar design and purpose at the range together, both demonstrating that in the end the biggest difference between either is not the tool itself but the person pulling the trigger.


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