Springfield XD Mod.2 Tactical and Dan Wesson Pointman 9 Range Time

Do you really get what you pay for with firearms?  In many respects, yes, that old saying holds true.  My Dan Wesson PM-9 is a prime example.  It’s a well fitted, tack driving machine that can put shots anywhere a skilled shooter wants.  However, in some cases, I think you might get more than what you paid for as evidenced by the Springfield Armory XD Mod.2 Tactical. 

My Mod.2 doesn’t have the same precision feel as the PM-9, nor does it have the same great single action trigger. What it does have, after installing a Powder River Precision sear, is a smooth constant pull that helps me shoot well.  To cut right to the chase, the target below was shot at 7 yards, 10 shots through the Dan Wesson (on the left) and 10 shots through the XD (on the right).  

Now, before we jump to conclusions, the two shots not with the larger group on the Wesson were pulled by yours truly and I fully own that.  However, look at each pistol’s group.  Both, minus the two flyers that were shooter error, are pretty even.  However, 7 yards is not exactly a distance that separates good handguns from great ones and my intent was not to produce “evidence” that the Springfield is the equal to the PM-9 as a precision shooter.  What this does tell me is the Springfield, in my hands, deserves some more range time to see how it can really shine at all distances.  

Below is a 10 shot target from the Springfield at 50 ft, offhand.

Again, not definitive proof that one pistols is as good as the other, but rather proof that the Springfield is capable of some good results and I’ll be taking it to the range a little more than in the past.

My XD-40 has always been a heck of a shooter, and this XD Mod.2 Tactical seems to be living up to its big brother’s legacy.  


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