About The Blog

This blog will primarily address firearms thoughts, rants, concerns, and issues.  While this is a highly political social topic, posts will typically focus on equipment and the safe enjoyment of informal recreational shooting.  But, as this is my own space in the world, I reserve the right to contradict myself at any point in time.  As a reader, you reserve the right to ignore me.

I am not an expert, meaning that I do not hold any formal shooting awards, don’t compete formally, and do not write for any firearms publications.  What I do have is about 25 years of hands-on experience with interests ranging from pistols to C&R firearms to trap shooting.  If it goes bang, I’m interested.  There’s a lot more people out there more knowledgeable than I, but also quite a few with less experience as well.

If you hate the topics I write about, enjoy the topics but hate my position, agree with my position but think I’m an idiot in how I view a subject, or generally feel anything I write is a waste of time that you’ll never get back, that’s fine.  You and I are different people and that’s what makes the world go ’round.  Quietly leave in an orderly manner (prior to securing tray tables and locking your seat in the upright position) and we’ll go our separate ways.  If, however, you oddly find some value or enjoyment in my work, please stay and leave a comment or two!

Note:  content on this website is not legal advice or meant to be a comprehensive technical overview or guarantee of any specific product, service, or entity.  Content is personal opinions and experiences of the author.


2 Responses to About The Blog

  1. Shane Bowling says:

    Really like the blog. It is kind of inspiring me to start my own.

  2. martowski says:

    Thanks. After leaving the same replies on multiple boards over the years, I figured I’d create one source of information for others to peruse. If you start one of your own let me know!

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